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Located in John Douglas Salon & Day Spa


MICROBLADING is created with a handheld tool that creates fine, and natural hair strokes. Also known as Microstroking and Feather Embroidery.


POWDER/OMBRE BROW is created with a soft, gradual shading giving a powder effect look.



COLOR REFRESHER  ( for existing clients only )

$150 after one year ( yearly service )

$250 if after one year


LASH ENHANCEMENT is created with a thin liner at the lash line giving the illusion of thicker, darker and fuller lashes. 




PERMANENT LIPS can add color, fullness and more defined lips. 


TOUCH UP ( After initial procedure for existing clients only ) 

2 - 6 months $75.00

7 - 12 months $125.00

After 1 year from initial service it will be considered a Color Refresher (Maintenance)

CORRECTIONS Additional $75 - $150 depending on color/shape correction (case by case basis) 


Skin Tag, Cherry Angioma, Age Spots or Milia


$25.00....... 1 Spot

$149...... 30 minute session

$250...... 1h hour or 2x30 minute sessions

John Douglas Salon
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